Johann Löwenberg performs his song ‘At the Palais Royale‘ with Jim John and his Swing Shift Big Band at the famous dance hall’s Valentines Big Band Dance.

February 2019, Toronto, Ontario.

Visit Johann Löwenberg on Bandcamp with an invitation to listen to the complete songs off his new album.

Official Release September 20th 2018
‘Land of the Midnight Sun’

Johann Löwenberg releases Waltz of the Blues his fourth studio album, available September 20th 2018.  He puts his best foot forward on these tracks of jazz, swing, gospel and rockabilly.  Löwenberg once again hooked up with Andreas Schuld of Vancouver B.C., this time with a group of very fine jazz musicians. “I was in seventh heaven” says Johann, “being surrounded by all this talent.” Waltz of the Blueswill get your fingers snappin’ and toes tappin’ all the way to the dance floor.

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Submitted by Don Graham

Toronto singer songwriter Johann Löwenberg has released a 10 set CD of original songs that is a collection of some of his best work. Well crafted songs describing his life journey with a beautiful production and rich , heartfelt, honest vocals. The album starts with Early Morning Train, a great story song of old love and you can almost picture the train when you’re listening to the snare. Excellent guitar work and honest vocal . “The Good Old Boat” could easily be an early Gordon Lightfoot song, excellent metaphor of the boat as life and a lesson to trust that boat you’re being offered will “take you to the land.”  “No Place Like Home”, another beautiful song in the traditional folk style. “The Wonder Of You” is one of the prettier songs on the album. Johann does it in a semi folk style but this tune could easily be a pop hit with a different arrangement. Well done. Want to take  a trip to Cuba? Put on “My Sweet Havana Rose” and crank it up. “All Because of You” is another pop tinged tune. Löwenberg is an excellent songwriter with a variety of styles and textures to his work Then there’s the top tapper. “The Milkrun Train”. Nice down east feel. “Down By The Lazy River” another Lightfoot or maybe Tyson inspired type of song. “Mountain Pass Song” continues the train theme. The cool thing about this album is the sense of movement captured in every song and songs like this one make you feel like you punched your ticket for the ride. “Echoes of the Road”, the title track, is a perfect final track. “It’s been a long time coming to the end of the line, my clothes are all tattered with the sands of time. Been a life long journey to lighten my load, you can’t take it with you when there’s nowhere to go. It’s the echo of the road you hold onto, listen to the sounds of time. It’s the echo of the road you hold onto. Leave your troubles behind.”

Echoes of the Road was produced by Andreas Schuld with Johann Löwenberg, recorded & Mixed by Andreas Schuld at Skeena’s Place, Vancouver, BC, mastered by David Meszaros at Watershed Productions, Vancouver, BC. Cover & CD photo by Claire Kelly at Anthony Photo Studio, Whitby, ON and cover design by Harry Rasmussen in Waterdown, Ontario.

Johann Löwenberg performs ‘Angel of Mine‘ live at Freetimes Café, May 2016

Johann Löwenberg performs at Toronto Peace Conference, June 2015 with Sal Devita on bass. ‘Mirabeau Bridge‘ music & lyrics (c) Sam Larkin, all rights reserved.

Official Release June 20th 2016
‘Summer Solstice’


Johann Löwenberg releases Echoes of the Road his third studio album, available June 20th 2016. Lowenberg travelled to Vancouver B.C. to record with producer extraordinaire Andreas Schuld. “It was a pleasure to work with such an accomplished musician/arranger” says Lowenberg, adding that “we have become great friends in the process”. Echoes of the Road has songs that will take you for a ride through the back roads of time.