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Johann Löwenberg releases Echoes of the Road his third studio album, available June 20th 2016. Lowenberg travelled to Vancouver B.C. to record with producer extraordinaire Andreas Schuld. “It was a pleasure to work with such an accomplished musician/arranger” says Lowenberg, adding that “we have become great friends in the process”. Echoes of the Road has songs that will take you for a ride through the back roads of time.


By the age of fourteen, Canadian songwriter Johann Löwenberg was performing at Ronnie Hawkins’ club on Yonge Street in Toronto. “I had a couple of guitar lessons with Bruce Cockburn over at the Folklore Center” says Löwenberg, “and thought I was ready for the big time”.  He was a regular visitor at the ‘pad’ on Dupont St. where visiting folk artists would stay. “With the likes of Peter, Paul and Mary, The Mamas and Papas and The Lovin’ Spoonful, I was on cloud nine. Gordon Lightfoot was my idol and Murray McLauchlan  my template”.  He started writing his own songs in 1966.  When people shouted out requests, he’d play one of his own and pass it off as one of theirs. “I was in a few bands through the years but always reverted back to solo performing”.  In the early 70’s, he became quite active in the coffee house circuit at Fat Alberts with Tony Hanik, Glen Hornblast and Sam Larkin and continued well into the new millennium. His professional career included work in Animation Studios and TV Production Facilities. “I was always surrounded by multi-talented people and always close to a studio”.  His first pro recording gig was with Steve Hurej at Clare Burt Recording in 1976.  In the early 80’s, he worked with Dennis Hill at Great Shakes.  From about 1986 on, he worked with Terry Clements at Studio North.  “We had been friends since he first came to town to work with Lightfoot”.  This resulted in some fine crafted songs with Terry, Red Shea, Lou Moore and Rick Haynes.  In 2008 he resumed his songwriting career after a ten year hiatus and puts forth a fine collection of songs  with ‘Echoes of the Road‘ co-produced with Andreas Schuld. “This has been an affair of the heart” says Johann.